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If you have heard of the Battle of Dunkirk, you may know that it is often referred to as the “Miracle of Dunkirk” which describes the last-minute rescue of over 300,000 Allied soldiers trapped by Nazi forces near the beaches of Dunkirk, France in 1940. In the face of what seemed to be certain doom, military and civilians WORKED TOGETHER, risked it all, their personal yachts, fishing boats and other types of vessels and traveled across the English Channel where they picked up these trapped soldiers for a safe return to England. Dunkirk was a stunning victory for the Allied forces, particularly the British Army, who could have been wiped out completely if this ‘Miracle’ didn’t happen.
Our youth are facing a similar and serious ‘battle’ that will require a similar ‘miracle’ that ALL members of our community, government and citizens alike, will have to focus on and contribute in order to literally save their lives!! The ‘battle’ we are talking about is fentanyl poisoning in our illicit drug supply. Never before in our history as a nation or civilization in general has such a crisis existed, the poisoning of the masses. This poison is deliberately engineered and target a very vulnerable population, the young gullible curiosity seeker and severe mentally ill. Now more than ever before a massive education and alarm for awareness is in order. Operation Dunkirk must be a household word, one that flows from the lips in all languages at every kitchen table and in common conversations in all circles of discussions, Operation Dunkirk needs all hands-on deck! We must warn all young people and elders alike. This one endeavor will save many lives so please talk about it and make sure all people know, the life you save may be one of your loved ones.

We need to educate children and parents before they use illicit drugs, and help them understand how fentanyl can be laced into any illicit drug, including cocaine, meth, heroin, fake pills (Adderall, Xanax, oxycontin, Percocets, meth, Extasy), etc. Parents must teach their children not to take anything, from anyone, not even candy. Fentanyl can even be laced into gummi bears, gum and vape pens. Just as dangerous is buying anything from the internet; the merchandise could be laced and lethal. This epidemic recorded 200 deaths a day in 2019. 300 a day in 2021 estimated. A jetliner a day and a football stadium every year!!! 93,331 deaths in 2020. 120,000 deaths are expected in 2021. Just this past week a 14 year old and a 13 year old both lost their lives. One half blue pill with fentanyl killed a precious child. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE and we MUST SAVE OUR CHILDREN by educating them! THE TIME IS NOW!!

Everyone knows overdoses are a huge problem, but not enough people know about fentanyl contamination and poisoning. Even a few grains of fentanyl, the size of 2 tiny grains of salt, kill people every day. People just don’t know what is in the substances and counterfeit pills they are taking. It’s critical that we get this word out. We need to bring awareness that these are not overdoses, but poisonings! We need to get awareness of this crisis that is killing our youth throughout the United States and The World, and it starts within our communities.

We are activating the largest network of Mom's and Dad's on Earth to warn teens about fentanyl and these fake pills. We ask that you pray and be ready with your people and get ready to do whatever you can to get the word out. Everything you do, every person or group you talk to, can save a life. Operation Dunkirk has begun and we need your help!
We prepared a comprehensive book on what YOU can do to educate your children and save your community from preventable tragedies and deaths of our innocent youth. Kindly take a moment to read through it here:
How can you help??
The Global Recovery Movement developed a campaign that will make a difference. The goal of this campaign is to get involved and get the word out in your community and on social media.
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